Meet our team

Our team consists of different partners who all have proven experience in real estate and development. We have skills in finance, legal matters, sales support, and everything related to the development and sales of real estate both inland and abroad, with a specialization for Spain.

VicoVida works with strong local partners on legal and financial matters. One of our valued partners is Pelicer & Heredia, a lawfirm in Alicante. They provide high value-added advice to international people with interests in Spain. Along with global advice, including investment, taxation, and immigration, they also provide specific advice on aspects that require a high degree of innovation and sophistication. Due to their multidisciplinary teams, led by one or more partners, they can be in close contact with you. They have privileged access to international markets and therefore follow clients beyond our borders.

In addition, VicoVida has a wide network of partners for rental- and key management, security and surveillance, cleaning etc. (property management). We only work with professional developers and builders in Spain.

Niel Roekalea


Niel is an managing director with 33 years’ experience of working in the real estate industry, including investment properties, real estate development, residential homes, property management, and real estate sales. “In my search for parties to buy property in Spain, during the past 2 years, I have experienced that it is very important to make a good start with a reliable party who can guide you through all phases of the buying process. The above has made me decide to establish VicoVida together with a number of (local) partners in order to offer a service that I unfortunately could not experience myself.”

John Erwich


John has over 30 years’ experience in international business start-ups and has worked for multinationals in various leadership roles as CFO, COO and corporate advisor. He developed a Luxembourg investment fund for Medical Real Estate and developed a senior health private living building with 300 apartments full-service model. “Based on the experience of my partner Niel, I started to study the possibilities of investing in Spanish real estate in a smart and efficient way. Through VicoVida I would like to transfer this knowledge to other people who are also looking for interesting investment opportunities abroad.”

Pedro Heredia


Pedro is very committed to his profession as a lawyer representing international clients with interests in Spain. He is a founding partner together with Ignacio Pellicer of the prestigious law firm Pellicer&Heredia based in Alicante. He is an expert in international civil litigation where he has advised both individuals and companies in conflictive situations. Within his specialization, he advises nationally and internationally on tax and immigration matters. He has helped thousands of families to invest and relocate to Spain.

Oksana Mochalova

Sales representative

Oksana is a self-starter with over 10 years of experience working in the Lifestyle health sector and real-estate sector, including residential homes, and real estate sales. Oksana lives in Spain for already 18 years and learned about the culture and the healthy living in different areas. The Costa Blanca is different then the other areas in Spain as she believes that the people there are more relaxes and live healthier. Therefore, she wanted to become more active in this part of Spain. The above had made her decide to work together with VicoVida in order to attract new clients to settle down in Spain and offer the best high quality houses in the areas at the Costa Blanca. “If there is something you need to know please don’t hesitate to contact me”.