La Manga

La Manga del Mar Menor is a small strip of land that separates the Mediterrenean Sea from the Mar Menor, spanning a length of 24 km with an average width of approximately 300 meters. Nestled in the region of Murcia, this location is graced with an exceptional climate that facilitates year-round enjoyment of a wide array of nautical sports. La Manga offers 44 beaches of which the lagune Mar Menor is a beautiful and peaceful coast, which distinguishes from other more traditional Spanish beaches. To the north of La Manga, at the Las Salinas Nature Park, and to the south in the Calblanque Nature Reserve, you can witness the graceful presence of flamingos and various other migratory birds. The mud, clay, salt and minerals in the water have therapeutic properties for wound healing and can neutralize acidity. Furthermore, the grains of sand in the area reveals high percentages of fine and very fine sands (mud and clay), that are the true artifices of the healing properties attributed to the mud.

La Manga enjoys excellent connectivity through a variety of transportation options. Two airports, namely Murcia's San Javier and Alicante's El Altet, offer scheduled flights to numerous European destinations. The well-maintained highway network provides efficient and rapid road access to major Spanish cities like Madrid, Andalucia, Barcelona, and extends into France for seamless international travel. For those who prefer train travel, the train stations in Cartagena and Balsicas-Mar Menor offer convenient options. Additionally, a reliable network of bus services further simplifies your journey, ensuring that reaching your destination is both straightforward and hassle-free.
Regarding Healthcare offers the surrounding of La Manga many opportunities. There are many private medical centers such as the Centro de Salud Playa Honda. There are also facilities including wellness programs, personal trainers, physical therapy, gyms, massage therapy,  yoga studios, and many more. On the main road the Gran Via de la Manga you will find also biological nature shops. There are three large university hospitals within a 30 minute drive from La Manga.
Shops and Entertainment
La Manga emerges as a paradise for sports enthusiasts, thanks to the calm waters it cradles. The area boasts four marinas and eleven sailing schools, making it an ideal hub for various nautical pursuits such as sailing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, canoeing, water skiing, boating, and diving. Moreover, the spectrum of sports extends beyond water-related activities, encompassing paddle, tennis, golf, squash, go-karting, cycling, skating, equestrian pursuits, parachuting, hang-gliding, and climbing. Additionally, La Manga offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, banks, international schools, and golf courses ensuring that all your needs are well-catered for.

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