12 Oct

At VicoVida, we strive to offer not just homes, but lifestyle. From breathtaking views to unparalleled luxury, our selection of apartments is the epitome of sophistication and comfort.

Allow us to take you on a virtual tour of some of our most exclusive properties, where each apartment tells a unique story.

Incredible Experiences

Experience the community feeling

Our apartments are all new construction projects with a focus on creating a community. The apartment and penthouse block of one complex is known for a sense of belonging and like-mindedness. Find connection with other investors or epicureans from around the world. 

The apartment/penthouse complexes include a community pool, a community terrace, and a community garage. 


The community pool, garden and terrace is located on the courtyard of the complex giving it full shelter to ensure your privacy. 

Modern luxury

Both the exterior and interior of all our complexes are in modern and luxurious style. With white finishes, green gardens, arches and balconies, you will get the feeling of luxury during your stay in Spain. The spacious layout allows you to completely decorate the apartment or penthouse according to your taste. 


Our Apartments

Here you can find our apartments under construction that we offer.

  1. Apartment Amelio - Doña Pepa Ciudad-Quesada
  2. Penthouse Amelio - Doña Pepa Ciudad-Quesada
  3. Apartment Jenara -Doña Pepa Ciudad-Quesada
  4. Penthouse Jenara - Doña Pepa Ciudad-Quesada
  5. Apartment Vidal- Doña Pepa Ciudad-Quesada